Session Signup

Please use the registration form below to sign up for the New 2018 Spring Session and let us know your training plan. As always, please refer to our training calendar for all the dates and times.

2018 Spring Session Registration Form
*Please refer to our training calendar for all training days and times.

I give my child listed above on this form, full permission to participate in all activities held by NY Soccer Central. I hereby authorize the any and all NY Soccer Central coaches or staff to act according to their best judgment in any emergency if I cannot be contacted. I further agree that NY Soccer Central should be held harmless from and indemnification against any liability, cost claims, loss or damages, which it or they may occur as a result of an accident to my child. I release and forever discharge any and all claims I may have or may acquire against NY Soccer Central, coaches, team managers, staff or club officers. Parent/Guardian is required to provide information below regarding any medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc. of the participant. They must also update this form in the event of a change to any of these medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc. All information will be held in the strictest confidence.