Development Program

Our Development Program focuses on each individual’s progressive needs and guides players through a curriculum consisting of three components of training:  

To train with NY Soccer Central, players are required to participate in Fundamental Training. So, if a player is only training once per week, their session will be a Fundamental Training practice.

1. Fundamental Training – During Fundamental Training players are consistently exposed to technical exercises (which enhance their ball skills), movement literacy (which improves their overall athleticism and co-ordination), and small sided games (that encourage free play and allows them to work on their decision making and a variety of important soccer skills). We also have Goalkeeping Fundamental Training that covers the same areas of development but specific to the skills needed to play in that position.

2. Functional Training – This type of training focuses more on specific functional activities which are centered around phases of play and small sided games. Players here will presented with an abundance of decision making opportunities where they will NATURALLY work on their passing, defending, attacking, shooting, and group play.

3. Games – We provide all players in our program with the opportunity to play in games. Based on their ‘readiness’ we will provide players with a conducive playing environment which will enhance their learning and also allow them to enjoy the game experience.

Here are the training options for players in our development program:

Option 1: Fundamental Training only.
Option 2: Fundamental Training and Functional Training.
Option 3: Fundamental Training and Games.
Option 4: Fundamental Training, Functional Training, and Games.

*Players who have enjoyed the most success in the sport have consistently participated in all three training opportunities – ‘option 4’.