Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is designed for players aiming to play at college and beyond. Therefore, our aim at this stage of the player’s development is to prepare them for the challenge of being a successful collegiate athlete. Many players have graduated from our program and gone on to play at Division I, II, and III while gaining a degree.

In this program, players are required to train at a demanding level while maintaining a mandatory GPA in High School. This training involves fitness testing, tactical awareness, a focus on playing a specific position, while facing greater levels of competition to develop their potential and understanding of the game. Some players will also be invited to travel to England to play against young professionals and train at the facilities of some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world.

As players become more equipped in a specific playing position they will then be selected for showcase events where they will be exposed to our Network of College Coaches. We work with players to help them find the right fit for their academic and soccer playing future.

Many ‘Grad Players’ have trained consistently for years in the Soccer Central Development Program where they were guided through the earlier stages of the curriculum.