What is NY Soccer Central?
NY Soccer Central has been helping thousands of players (ages 5 to 21) throughout New York State unlock their potential in the sport for over 10 years. We are an individual training program. Therefore, we provide each player with what they specifically need to develop. (This is a far more effective way to help your child improve and reach their personal goals than just playing for a team or club where their individual needs are so often neglected). Our training curriculum and coaching methodology has been endorsed by the world’s elite coaches and leading academics in the realm of sports research. In order to enhance what we offer to every player in our program, we continuously strive to update our knowledge and reflect upon the methods that we implement.

Does training players individually make players less effective when they play on a team?
Many mistakenly believe that focusing on individual development will make players less effective when they come together on a team. We have repeatedly proven that this is a complete myth and that the opposite is actually true.

Even though we concentrate on individual development instead of  focusing on the ‘team’, our squads of players have repeatedly won State Championships and College Showcase Tournaments. In order to achieve this, players in our program had to defeat clubs that focus on ‘year round team training’. In reality, players who focus on crucial individual skills and their own development are more likely to have the greatest success during competition because they are equipped with the correct tools.

Does my child have to try-out?
No. In fact, we have always asked the question why should young players have to tryout to enjoy playing or learn the game of soccer? Therefore, we train beginners to advanced players that have been invited to train with the USA Olympic Development National team and top College programs.

Can I sign my child up?
Soccer Central is a referral based program. Normally good families in our program refer other good families. If you don’t know anyone in our program, but would like to find out more and discuss your child’s involvement please email us: info@nysoccercentral.com.

How old are the players who train at NY Soccer Central?
Typically, players are 5 – 21 years old. If you feel your child is ready for our training please email us: info@nysoccercentral.com.

How long do I have to sign my child up for?
10 weeks is the maximum commitment for any player in our program. We never ask you to commit to more than one session at a time. We offer four sessions per year Fall (indoor), Winter (indoor), Spring (outdoor), and Summer (outdoor), and you are welcome to do as many sessions as you would like. While NY Soccer Central is set up to be flexible, players who are more committed to their development in soccer train year round participating in every session.

Can we still sign up for a session if we missed the start?
Yes, we allow players to sign up at any point during a session.

Will my child be on a team?
NY Soccer Central focuses on individual development not team development. However, to facilitate your child’s progress and enjoyment we do place players of similar abilities together to play in games during the indoor season, CNYJSA outdoor leagues, State Cup Championships and College Showcases. So your child will have the opportunity to play with others in organized games and placed into these situations based on their progressive needs.

How many times a week can my child train?
This is totally up to you. Players can train between 1-4 times per week. Check out our development program page for more information.

What financial commitment do I need to make?
Soccer Central is an ‘À la carte’ program. You only pay for the session and training program you choose to participate in during those 10 weeks.

My child currently plays for another club. Can they train with NY Soccer Central and play for this team at the same time?
Yes. NY Soccer Central focuses on training.  We have been providing a professional training environment for over fifteen years.  Many players who are affiliated with other teams or clubs come to us for additional training opportunities.   Many players who are looking to improve their game and focus on their individual development will train with NY Soccer Central while also playing for a team in their community or with another organization.  Players do not have to be exclusive to NY Soccer Central.

How can I find out more about your philosophy and training curriculum?
If you have any specific questions concerning NYSC please go to our contact page and send us an email.  Someone from the organization will normally get back to you within 24 hours.