Development Program

Soccer Central developmental program focuses on the development of the individual soccer player (instead of a team first approach):  

To train with NY Soccer Central, players are required to participate in Essential / Progressive  Training.  

 Essential / Progressive Training  (EPT) – During our 90 minute EPT sessions players are given the opportunity to work on various essential skills that all soccer players should attempt to master.  In a typical session players will go through a series of stations where they will have the opportunity to work on Ball/Foot Skills, Passing/Receiving, Shooting, Movement Literacy (athleticism) and small sided games.   Depending on the players age (developmental needs) we will also use part of the training session to introduce offensive and defensive skills.

During our training sessions Soccer Central uses both quantity drills (maximizing repetition and touches on the ball) and quality drills (coaches are more likely to stop a quality drill for a teaching opportunity).

It is this combination of quantity and quality drills that Soccer Central feels will ultimately help a player reach their individual developmental goals.

 Games – Soccer Central can provide players who are training consistently in our program the opportunity to play in games.  Game opportunities will be based on a players ‘readiness’  and roster opportunities.

Typical training options for Soccer Central players can be:

 Essential Progressive Training once a week
 Essential Progressive Training twice a week 
 Essential Progressive Training and Games

Please go to our training calendar to view the dates and times of all our training sessions.