Since 2003 NY Soccer Central has helped thousands of players (aged 5 to 21) become better soccer players.   From beginners, to those aspiring to play in college or beyond, we focus on the individual development of the player not the “team”.   At NYSC we work with both players who are new to the game and players who have been playing for many years.   Players of all ability use NYSC to advance their ability and potential and help reach their personal objectives.

The training philosophy of NYSC can be thought of simply as – The better a player’s individual skill the more valuable that player will be to his team.    We simply work on making individuals better so they will be better players for their team.

Our philosophy has a proven track record as historically Soccer Central players can be found on High School All League teams, All-CNY, All-State and even All-American accolades.  Soccer Central players can also be found on numerous College rosters.

To train with NYSC does not require any type of tryout.  All players are welcome.  Some players are exclusive to NYSC while other players play for different clubs/teams but come to NYSC to improve individually.

Players can train 1-3 times a week.  NYSC is very flexible.  Players pick the amount of days they want to train and they only sign up for 10 weeks at a time.

Players who train with NYSC may have the opportunity for the following:  Indoor Games/Leagues, Outdoor Games/League, Tournaments, State Championship Competition (NYSC squads have won multiple State Championships over the years) and College Showcase events.

Please browse our website to learn more. (Training Calendar, Philosophy, Session Sign Up).

If you have any questions you can email us at info@nysoccercentral.com.